Our church is open and friendly with many social activities. One of the most important parts of Victory is getting involved in a LIFEgroup to start “doing life together”.

New Parents and newly marrieds - Eric Graham


Parents with Preschool age children – Pastor Mason Peavy


Parents with Elementary aged children - Frank Pfeffer, Stephen Stubbs


Parents with Middle and High School children – Brandon Sharrod and Ross Jones


50’s Age Group – Tom Carr


60’s Age Group – Nick Vann


70’s and up – Pastor Fred Heath


Sunday afternoon life group for singles and couples 40s and 50s – David Gilmer


Young Adult – Pastor David Gilmer II


Ladies Classes

Sunday Mornings at 9:00 AM – Paige Jones

Tuesday Mornings at 10: 00 – Linda Peavy Norton

Wednesday Mornings at 10:00 – Janet Buchanan


Midnight Men – First Friday of each month - Pastor Todd Peavy


Man Church – meets once a quarter – Pastor Todd Peavy

LIFEGroup Courses

Divorce Care LIFEGroup

Victory Groups

Nitty Gritty LIFEGroup

Celebrate Recovery